1. 1 AM Waltz

From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Featuring Alexa as 'Drunk Girl'


1 AM Waltz
Music and lyrics by B. Rummer

I was stranded on the dance floor
And the band started playing a waltz
It was me and my drink
The crowd started thinning
The minute hand points to last call

Most people know how the story goes
I didn’t want to end up alone
We envy the king, but without a queen
There’s just a lonely throne

The end’s in sight
I guess I’m lonely tonight
All I brought to bed was my buzz
As I slip into sleep
I hope she’s in my dreams
And we’re dancing until dawn

She was the one for me, I can see
In this chess game, I advance my pawn
She quickly took it away, and I can say
My heart’s in checkmate, and she had won

It’s 1 AM. It should be time to go
The traffic lights turn to blinking-yellow

I’ve had my fun
The bartender says that I’m done
I guess it’s time for me to go away
Make my way to the pisser
And I’m wishing I’d kissed her
The opportunities are fewer than my days