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This one shouldn't be missed! Amendment will be in support, and get this...Guns 'n Posers will be getting back together once again to kick off their latest tour. Their instability, drinking and in-fighting will probably lead them to cancel the rest of the dates, so you'd better check them out here!


THE PURPS!, Plurals, Come Out Fighting

Rubbles, 112 W Michigan St, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

A fun night out on the town of Mt. Pleasant! We're happy to be supported by one of Lansing's finest indie bands, The Plurals. Also, you can kick back to the soothing hardcore jams of Come Out Fighting from Detroit. How'd they get on the bill? Their band name doesn't start with a 'P'? Rubble's Bar will be serving specials all night long. We recommend 'The Brimm Stroker'. GET SOME!

Age limit: 21+

Live at Rubbles

Rubbles, 112 W Michigan St, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Back in our wheelhouse! Welcome back Outlaws of Zen! Also, get a chance to check out Casey's band from Detroit, Come Out Fighting! It'll be just as intense as hosting a cooking show called 'Deep-Frying in the Nude with the Donner Party'!

Age limit: 21+

D11 Films will be filming a movie about tattoos, music and tat culture. Come be in the movie, show off your tats and hear some great bands! Cash O' Riley, The Mongrels? You can't lose! $2 cover, BAM! Fill your mouth-hole with PBR and your ear-holes with kick-ass tunes. Party all night with a 20-spot.

Age limit: All ages


Tosspints Excursion

Rubbles, 112 W Michigan St, Mt Pleasant, MI

After returning from Grand Rapids with The Tosspints, we will be giving them a guided tour of beautiful downtown Mount Pleasant, MI.  Anybody that has watched them knows that they're a great time.  See you there!

Age limit: 21+


Tip Top Deluxe

Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill, 760 Butterworth, Grand Rapids, MI

Our good friends The Tosspints are bringing us along with them to Grand Rapids.  We'll be on our best behavior.  May need a few chaperones...

Age limit: All ages


Old Dog Tavern

Old Dog Tavern, 402 E Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI

Back to K-zoo.  Wsg The Mushmen and others.

Age limit: All ages