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Let's RE-TOX!: CD
  • Let's RE-TOX!: CD
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Detroit's classiest punk band is at it again! The Purps, formerly Purple Nightmare, have cleaned up their image but they maintain their dirty lifestyle. Hard-driving West Coast punk, a little Motown influence and even a little country.

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Purple Nightmare - Music is Dead
  • Purple Nightmare - Music is Dead
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This is our first album.  One thousand were pressed and we have about 990 available. 

Tracks include:
Sunken Veins
Don't Try
Current Events
Grandpa's Cough Medicine
Message to a Friend
Too Cheap
Goodbye to Yesterday

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*NEW* Keep'n it Classy Tee
  • *NEW* Keep'n it Classy Tee


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Our newest, most upscale shirt. Can be worn in any formal situation. Whether it be at a country club, funeral, bar mitzvah, wedding, or pants-less party, you'll be snapping necks in this exquisite attire! Get one while supplies last!

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