1. Call Girl

From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Call Girl
Music by C. Husted. Lyrics by C. Husted, B. Rummer

Driving the busy streets
City full of millions
Why does it feel so lonely
Companionship comes at a price
A man succumbs to his vice
Now you’re my one and only

I would drive to the edge of the earth to see you
My darli1ng my queen
You were my call girl, my call girl
You are beautiful like an angel, an angel in my dream

Hollywood, California
Wilton and Virginia
That’s where I found you
That’s where I’m going to leave you
Tony’s liquor store will keep you warm inside
And maybe one day
You can escape from this fucked up street life

Never thought I’d want to see you
Never thought I’d want to be with you
Never thought I’d miss you
But I do