From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Wrong, Right, Money
Music by B. Rummer, C. Husted Lyrics by B. Rummer

I’m not a great person, but I’m making amends
Twelve-step programs keep resetting at ten
Take a look at your life, and how will end
Make the same choices, or do it all again?

Want to be a giver
I don’t want to be a taker
Who is going to save you when you’re the savior

I’ll tell the same story, if you want to hear it again
We were so much better in our youth
We embellish and pretend

I was given a piece of advice
You’ve got three choices and can’t guess twice
What’s wrong? What’s right?
And what makes the most money?

So life’s a bitch
How are you going to face her?
The butcher, the baker, the ambulance-chaser

What did you fall into?
Did you choose it? Did it choose you?

What’s wrong? What’s right? What makes the most money?