From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Anarchist in the Lumberyard
Music and Lyrics by B. Rummer

Minimum wage at the lumberyard
Trying like hell just to disregard
A society that put him there
Fifteen years and nowhere to go
It’s all he’s ever known

He can’t find a sage to seek out advice
He’s getting to the age where the social ladder is harder to climb
To get to the top
It’s hard to look down
And the fall, it ain’t so bad
When you’re close to the ground

It may be too late
He don’t want to settle for his fate
He waited too long to make a choice
What had chose him had muted his voice
So tired of all this conformity
The only option he sees is anarchy

Take a look at your perfect walls
His insignia is on it all
Albeit subliminal
It’s functional and integral to his master plan

No one may know that he existed
Feeling alright, but not quite with it
His body is far beneath the ground
Feel a dissonance?
His presence surrounds you