1. Morbid Silence

From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Morbid Silence
Music and Lyrics by B. Rummer

Looking up to see clear skies
Will it be this way the next time?
Bombs fall on parts of the world unfamiliar to us
Will it be this way forever?
No one to trust

I still go to work everyday
My taxes fund predator drones
Crashing bombs through strangers’ homes

Where did it go?
To kill someone else’s loved ones
I don’t want to be held responsible for my country’s actions
Supporting multiple killings
No civil infractions

Elected officials believe our right to freedom supersedes
The right to human life
Death will come to you unless you support
The red, white, and blue
This is democracy, but not my choice
Forgive me brothers, I had no voice

I say goodbye to the world
I’ve said all I have to say
Watching something burn to the ground is more fun…
Than watching it decay