From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Evil in a Necktie
Music and lyrics by B. Rummer

My heartbeat stills, as I look upon my fresh kill
I’ll survive another day, as long as it’s nature’s way
I’ve become what I’ve feared
Evil in a necktie
Advancement is at hand
Eliminate the weaker guy

Now another day is gone
I try to justify what’s right, when I’m wrong
I can’t control my scythe on some days
But I’m learning to ignore the bloodstains

I was once one of them
Now I’m going on with my life
Forced into new moral and dress codes
In the mirror, it’s evil in a necktie

No need to contemplate what I did today
It’s all black and white, I live in the gray
I’m sorry for the ones who stood in my path
As I cut them down to boost myself off their backs
No time for remorse for them
I’m just looking out for my family
What did they do to me?

Try not to think of the souls or where they go
Someone decides the authority
But no one truly knows

I’m just a monster
In business attire
Dressed like a dead man
And dead men don’t tell lies

As they casually walk among us
We dress them formally when they die
While they were on this earth, they trusted guys like me
And it’s good pay

Stacking the dollars
A suit and a collar
Pure class I exemplify
Justice can’t see
No one judges me
Evil in a necktie