1. Angel Died

From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Angel Died
Music and Lyrics by B. Rummer

It’s been the same way for eight straight hours
I’m stuck behind the wheel
I try to entertain myself
My mind’s run out of material

I wish I could catch a red light
It’s been a lonely night
I’m feeling detached from my own humanity

I watch the dotted line on my left side
I need to make good time
It’s been ten hours into this trip
A rumble strip then reminds me

I’ve got to keep it between the lines
The ‘truck-stop-speed’ subsides
I’m beginning to question my wellness
Why do I feel so helpless?

Maybe an angel died
Cast herself to the astral plain
For my pathetic life
I took some time observe a constellation
I don’t know why

I live life in oblivion while she’s been smited
I continue to suffer for my sins
That I’ve invited
When she passed through the gates
No one cried
Only I can feel her pain
She can only carry me so far

I wonder why she carries me
Am I her responsibility
Thank you for taking me under your molting wings