From the recording Melodrama Radio

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Trigger’s Been Pulled
Music and Lyrics by B. Rummer

I remember a different me
As I pass the familiar streets
They’re different than I recall
Old feelings, new shopping malls
New tags on the aging concrete

I reminisce about them with my old friends
Through our stories we relive again
Not so glorious days, and most were a haze
From then our lives would begin

Where’d we begin?
Our lives would be fulfilled
We’re nearing the end, the catharsis
Stage set
Lansing, Michigan

The trigger’s been pulled
The bullet’s lodged in the back of my mind
It can’t be removed
If it were, a part of me would die

It’s hard to go to sleep in this house
As the mice and the rats claw about
I don’t feel safe within my own bedroom walls
I lie by the phone and wait for destiny to call

I can’t do this again
What happened, that was then
A story within myself
Another chapter on the shelf

As I drink I feel alone all night long
Then my conscience meets me at dawn
So sick, I don’t feel right
What got me through the night?

Self punishment for what I’ve done
We all have our regrets
So, pass me another one

Another journal, but not a bookend