The Site is Back! 

A lot has happened with the Purps.  New headquarters, new songs, new bass player, and...NEW ALBUM!  Buy the CD on the site or at our shows, or stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or Pandora.  Watch the show date section for updates.  Also, new merch coming soon.  Buy some.  The new album is our best yet!

New Video! 

We've just uploaded a new video to our new YouTube account.  Check it out!  We will be adding more in the near future, so tune in periodically.  We're also in the midst of recording another album, which will be out early 2015 if all goes well.  Most of the songs are ready except for mixing and mastering.  Brace yourself!  We may put up a few demos in the near future.

The Purps! 

From the ashes of Purple Nightmare, arise…The Purps!  If you haven't noticed from the new aesthetic, The Purps have usurped the site.  They have taken the reigns!  And with the new name, comes new music.  The next album, 'The Purps', is in the recording process.  Let the party begin and never end.  Stay tuned, as we will have new pictures, videos and recordings in the upcoming months.  Music to drink beer to, but sophisticated enough to break out the scented lotions, sprawl out on a bear skin rug, and enjoy cocktail by!

June Update! 

Ever heard of Spotify?  Neither have we.  However, our newest album Melodrama Radio is available to stream for members.  Give it a listen, they pay us like $0.007 per play.  Soon we'll have millions!  If you haven't seen our newer live stuff played live yet and you're in the Grand Rapids area, come and check us out at Billy's Lounge on June 22.  Rock off your hangover at this matinee show.  Buy tickets here.   Check out our shows section.

Summer Time! 

We're coming off our hiatus and have a lot of things in the works.  We've been recording some songs, booking shows and doing the scene.  We've booked a few shows, come and check it out.  We'll be debuting some of our new material.  See you in the shit-storm!

Melodrama Radio Released! 

We'd like to thank everyone for coming out to our CD release party at Rubbles.  We appreciate the support.  For those that could not make it, don't worry we plan on getting our asses in gear and booking some more shows to show off the material.  The new disc is available in our Store section, as well as a bunch of new swag.  Concerned about your carbon footprint?  Download the MP3 version in our Digital Download section.  Got an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or iToilet?  Download it on iTunes!

New Album Finished! 

We're finally done with our newest album, Melodrama Radio.  What a long ride it's been!  Twelve new original songs were recorded in our own drummer's Feral Dogg Studios.  This new album is quite a bit more diverse than our first.  We even have some songs featuring accordion and mandolin.  It turned out great considering our shoestring budget.  We're all pretty proud of it and can't wait to get out and promote it.  Of course, we took on a mountain of debt to get it done, so help us recoup by buying some stuff from our store or digital download sections.  We'll also be releasing the new album on iTunes and in the near future.  Also, watch our store for BUNDLES! , which include stickers, posters, and shirts with free shipping (coming soon).

Our 'Chinese Democracy' 

Wow!  There's been talk of new album for quite some time now.  It's pretty hard to get things done DIY when we all have day-jobs and drinking problems.  The good news:  All of the songs are edited and EQ'd and the song order has been determined.  The bad news:  we've started the process of finding someone to mix and master the project.  Finding a good place to get mixing and mastering done is not cheap, so we've been looking for ways to get some fundage.  Come out to one of our shows and by some merch!  We have some new shows coming up.

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